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01. Enjoy the training process

Regardless of the activity or sport you do, it's easy to get distracted by things that are, well, distracting you from what what you're actually doing!! I'm talking about things like your pace, distance, heart rate, what your friends are doing, what you'll title the run on Strava, the next race (whenever that is), yesterday's run, tomorrow's run, the lockdown, 60min exercise limit, 5km radius, and more. Yes, these are all integral parts of running, but more important is just enjoying the process of training; the routine grind; the same-same of just getting it done.

Training is not always exciting, in fact it is often boring, especially during the current lockdown and restrictions. Boring is not necessarily a bad thing - it perhaps means that things are consistent, and going well. Embrace this routine and consistency, and thrive in the simple process of getting out to exercise for exercise sake, not because you are trying to prove anything.

There will be a time when it is important to focus on details like pace and distance, since that focus can help you to improve (or frustrate you!!). It is a combination of experience and skill you develop to be able to switch on or off when you need to, which also applies to running by feel.

But for the most part, enjoying longevity in a sport or activity depends on just enjoying the process. Don't over think it!!



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