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08. An educated athlete is better prepared

In a modern world, knowledge and information is a powerful asset in whatever field or endeavor you are pursuing. Whether it's in a corporate setting, or while you are scaling Mt Everest - or any equally challenging pursuit - knowing what you are on about, and what you are doing is crucial for success. It's the same in running.

While the rules of play for running are fairly simple, and likewise the necessary knowledge of equipment is limited, the understanding of how to prepare for and approach training and preparation has complexities and nuances that are ever changing and never ending. In some ways this defies logic since running itself is such a simple of pure sport, and I really believe you shouldn't overthink your running.

Nevertheless, the more you know, the deeper your understanding, the broader your appreciation for the sport as a whole, in short, the greater your education about running then the better prepared you will be the challenges you undertake. This often goes in hand with your level of interest in the sport...following it out of interest for the people who participate, at any level.

Of course, you can get someone to do the thinking and just tell you what to do, but I would really encourage you to take a dive into the sport of running. Consume information and the events, the history, the people, training methodologies, competitions and results, and more. As such an old sport there is no limit to the information that is available, and books to read - I've got a library of dozens of books from historical, biographical, cultural, injuries to training and more.

I also consume online resources from websites, YouTube, blogs, Strava, (online) magazines and multiple podcasts. I am a running 'geek' covering people, competitions, results, shoes, training and more. Combined with my own experiences, and those around me, I feel that this has given me a distinct advantage over many years, and also fires my enthusiasm for the future. So take your own plunge into running...or whatever endeavor you give yourself the best chance of enjoying it for all that it offers.

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