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20. CNN

John Quin is a very well known and respected sports physiologist, trainer, coach, and many other things, who's worked in many Australian sporting codes at the highest levels possible. He knows his stuff. Many years ago he came up with an simple acronym that he wanted his athletes to remember, which by coincidence (or design?) would often flash up on the TV screen as these athletes watched the news - CNN - as a frequent reminder of the message he wanted them to remember.

CNN - Consistency; No compromise; No doubts

Consistency - keep doing the training necessary to succeed. Do the big things. Do the little things. Do them consistently.

No compromise - prioritise training so that you can be consistent. Work it into your daily life and routine so that it gets done. Sometimes there will be exceptions, which is OK, but if you have no compromises in your training then you will have...

No doubts - your ability to compete and perform when you want and need to. Doing the training consistently builds self-confidence in your capability and skill in being able to do what you have trained to do, and know that you can do.



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