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22. The 1% things

A lot of people think about the details of running and training (a lot), hoping that doing the 'little' things will be a magic ingredient that lifts your performance to a new level. Kind of a magic bullet. Some call these the "1%'ers", or perhaps "marginal gains" that have a cumulative bonus effect that seemingly exceeds the sum of the does that work??!! Include what you like in this bucket of little things, along with your foam roller, stretch band and compression socks!!

The problem with focusing on these little things, is that you can lose sight of the important, big chunks of your training and preparation. That is, the 'other' 99% of the work. What you should do is make sure you're doing the big things, even if you only achieve 80% of them (or even less). Not necessarily do them 'right' - that can come in time - but just do them. This is like a previous notebook entry talked about...don't let the details of the training get in the way of just training!! Your mini-skip of important, big chunks of training includes things, sleeping, eating. Get these things sorted out before you pay attention to the little things.



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