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Running Technique
Running technique is how your whole body moves over the ground; resisting gravity and being the most efficient you can in your movement. There is no magic formula for running technique, but there are principles of running that we would work to incorporate into your running.

Having good running technique means you are efficient, have good rhythm, balance, and importantly, have the core strength and control to maintain your form under fatigue. This is TUF – Technique Under Fatigue. Also, a balanced runner is less likely to get injured.

Our starting point is your posture and how you currently move your legs, hold your hips, swing your arms and maintain your posture.

Many runners have never seen how they run, let alone look at their biomechanics. Running technique analysis includes:

  • Starting by videoing you running, from each side and front and behind.

  • Checking your foot strike, hip position, body alignment and more, all in the context of your biomechanics.

  • Picking out the things we need to refine and align, and how to do that.

  • Going over some key running exercises and drills to demonstrate and develop the changes we’re after.

  • Bring it all together into complete running form, with cues to remember so you can self-correct your form.

  • You going away with homework to practice and work on your technique, which may include an exercise program to develop control and durability.

  • If necessary, we have a network of excellent medicos (doctors, physios, etc) if their skilled intervention is required

Of course, the thing about plans is that you need to be prepared to change them, which means any of these steps might change but only so that we achieve the goal of optimising your form.


You’ll come away with the following things, plus tips and advice for improving your running:

  • Video and analysis

  • Drills

  • Core Strength Exercises

  • Referral to other practitioners/service providers, as required


  • Running technique analysis (90min) – $100.

  • Follow-up sessions (15-30min) – $50.

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