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Try a track's more than a run in the park!!

What is Trackrun?

Trackrun is a timed, Mile (1609m) running event held at an athletics track that is free to participate in.

Trackrun is an open, welcoming and inclusive event where runners of all ages can experience racing on a track without being a member of a club in an environment that is non-judgemental. 

Your result will be recorded and available on this website so you can track your progress. against your own performances and your friends!!

The event is low-key and friendly - it's organised by volunteers, and results are unofficial.

See the Schedule for when Trackrun is held each month.

Who is Trackrun for?

Trackrun is for any runner!!

There's a place on the track for everyone - for you, your family, friends, running buddies, colleagues and more.

If you enjoy Parkrun, you'll love Trackrun for the same reasons.

Trackrun is where you can feel welcome and comfortable being the runner you are.

How does Trackrun work?

There will be multiple heats starting (about) every 10 minutes.

When you arrive there's no check-in - just come on down to the start line and we will slot you into the next heat to run. If you like, bring a friend to join you in your heat.

Make sure you have your Bib Nbr tag so your result can be recorded - they will be published immediately after each heat is completed.

Register for Trackrun

Trackrun is free for any runner to join us, however often you run. The first thing to do is register to get your own Trackrun Bib Nbr - bring this every time you come along.

Complete this registration to get things going...we look forward to seeing you at the track soon.


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