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Merri Tuesday

6pm Tuesdays. A run for anyone and everyone!! If you like running with other people, at your pace, this the session for you. It is inclusive and welcoming.


Track Thursday

6pm Thursdays. Enjoy the adrenalin of training on the track, pushing your intensity and bending over gassed at the end. Every runner can improve with some of this effort, including you!

Runrise Friday

5:30am Fridays. If you’re after a morning run to challenge you at whatever level you’re at, then come along on Friday morning where we’ll push your running fitness and performance to a higher level.


Trackrun is a free, timed, Mile (1609m) event held each month on a track where anyone can come along to join in.

Running Technique

Are you feeling smooth and light as you run? Do you feel balanced and relaxed? Let's have a look at your running technique to review how you move.

Come for a run ~ Love the Run

“Success is the difference between where you started and where you finished. Everyone can be successful in something, sometime and somewhere.” 
Percy Cerutty

Love the Run are a group of recreational runners who are into their running, the training, the group camaraderie, races, and being fit and healthy. Our strength is the friendship, spirit and support between our runners. We come from a range of backgrounds, and differing running experience and abilities. If you can run a Parkrun 5km non-stop then you’ll fit in.

Joining the Love The Run group was the best thing that has happened to my running. I run faster and smarter because of Campbell and I love the social aspect of the group and the way we all push each other to reach our running potential. Thanks to Cam I have my sights set on a realistic marathon PB!
– Anita

How the Running Group Works

From the moment you arrive the coach is there to meet and welcome you. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, friendships are established and everyone is equal no matter who they are.

The group support during training helps each runner accomplish the program, all under the watchful eye and encouragement from the coach. With the main work done, the cool-down wraps up the session before everyone heads home for some well earned R&R.

When / Where It’s On

Merri Creek Tuesday, 6:00pm – is a session for everyone and anyone!! Come and join in for some great variety and fun.
Track Thursday, 6:00pm – a session to work on your speed and performance, pushing your intensity higher in a group of like minded runners.
Runrise Friday, 5:30am – an early morning session to challenge any runner who Loves the Run.

How Do I Get Involved?

Just come along to a session – it’s as easy as that!! Our coach will always be there to meet new runners and introduce them to the group.

Check out the Training Info page for more details.

I’ve been running with the group now for just over a year and I love it. Cam is so passionate about running and is incredibly generous with his time and experience. Even though I am one of the slower runners in the group, this is never a problem and there is a place for runners of all standards. My running has improved substantially over the past year and I am continuing to achieve PB’s on a regular basis. The other runners in the group are fun, friendly and supportive and I feel very lucky to have found Love the Run not long after relocating to Melbourne.
– Felicity

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